Peer-reviewed publications

  1. Transient Conduction and Permeation in Layered Composites with External Transport Resistance
    AP Tran & JH Meldon. Chemical Engineering Science.
  2. Fast and high-quality brain and full-head tetrahedral mesh generation for model-based brain imaging
    AP Tran, S Yan & Q Fang. Neurophotonics (Submitted).
  3. A Dual-grid Mesh-based Monte Carlo Algorithm for Efficient Photon Transport Simulations in Complex 3-D Media
    S Yan, AP Tran & Q Fang. JBO Letters, 2019.[PDF]
  4. Selective photobiomodulation for emotion regulation: model-based dosimetry study.
    AP Tran*, P Cassano*, H Katnani, B Bleier, M Hamblin, Y Yuan & Q Fang. Neurophotonics, 2019.[PDF]
  5. On the estimation of high-dimensional surrogate models of steady-state plant-wide processes characteristics
    AP Tran & C Georgakis. Computers & Chemical Engineering, 2018. [PDF]

Conference presentations and white papers

  1. Mobile phone camera-based SpO2 measurements using broadband light and colored paper filters
    M Vanegas, AP Tran, E Laistler & Q Fang. SPIE Photonics West 2019  [Abstract]
  2. Developing an anatomically accurate multi-layered optical brain phantom for fNIRS studies
    S Sahin, X Sun, M Vanegas, AP Tran & Q Fang. OSA Biophotonics Congress: Biomedical Optics 2018 [Paper]
  3. Generating high-quality tetrahedral meshes of the human head and applications in fNIRS
    AP Tran & Q Fang. OSA Biophotonics Congress: Biomedical Optics 2018 [Paper]
  4. A dual-mesh Monte Carlo algorithm using a coarse tetrahedral mesh and voxel output
    S Yan, AP Tran & Q Fang. OSA Biophotonics Congress: Biomedical Optics 2018 [Paper]
  5. Generation of high-quality tetrahedral head mesh models from MRI Scans
    AP Tran & Q Fang. NEBEC 2017 [Presentation][Paper]
  6. Electrodeposition of Ni-Fe-Mo-W alloys – 11th-12th quarter report
    AP Tran, EJ Podlaha-Murphy. Product Finishing [Report]
  7. Analysis of transient permeation and conduction in composites with external mass transport resistance
    JH Meldon & AP Tran. AIChE 2015 [Paper] NAMS 2015 [Poster]
  8. Facile analysis of transient diffusion and heat conduction
    JH Meldon & AP Tran. AIChE 2014